Solution for Electronic Throttle Control System (ETC)

In order to improve the safety, dynamics, stability, and economy of vehicles, and reduce emission pollution, the world’s major automobile manufacturers have introduced various electronic throttle valves with good control characteristics and their corresponding electronic control systems to form an electronic festival. Valve Control System (ETCS). The electronic throttle control system is adopted to accurately control the throttle opening. Not only can fuel economy be improved, and emissions can be reduced, but the system responds quickly and can obtain satisfactory control performance; on the other hand, it can realize idle Speed control, cruise control and The integration of vehicle stability control, etc., simplifies the control system structure.

It replaces the traditional mechanical connection between the accelerator pedal and the throttle body and establishes a connection between the accelerator pedal and the throttle through a wire, which can improve engine control and avoid adverse consequences caused by improper operation of the accelerator pedal by the driver. It accurately controls the throttle opening in real-time by adding corresponding sensors and electronic control units. It can realize engine Torque control and precise air-fuel ratio control, which can help improve the dynamics, stability, and economy of vehicle driving, and can effectively reduce emission pollution. At present, ETC is widely used in automobile power control systems such as anti-skid control (ASR), cruise control (CCS), and vehicle stability control (VSC), and has gradually become a standard configuration for high-end cars.

The Working Principle of the Electronic Throttle System:

The accelerator pedal position sensor transmits the information that the driver needs to accelerate or decelerate to the throttle electronic control unit ECU. Based on the obtained information, the ECU calculates the corresponding optimal throttle position and sends a control signal to the throttle actuator, which is executed by the throttle The controller opens the throttle valve to the calculated optimal throttle opening position, and then the ECU communicates with other electronic control units (such as automatic transmission electronic control unit ECU, cruise control unit CCS, etc.) through the CAN bus to obtain other Operating conditions information.

And various sensors will transmit some information (such as engine Speed, gear position, throttle position, air-conditioning energy consumption, etc.) to the throttle electronic control unit ECU, and the ECU will continuously correct the optimal position of the throttle based on this information. Make the opening of the throttle valve reach the ideal position required by the driver. The entire system control process is a typical closed-loop position feedback control. The accelerator pedal position sensor and the throttle position sensor are equipped with primary and secondary systems. Therefore, when the system fails, the continuous monitoring function can be maintained to ensure operational safety.

How Kinmore Makes Improvement

In this application, the DC motor provided by Kinmore is used to control the switching gate of the throttle valve, allowing it to be precisely and quickly adjusted to the wanted angle. Powerful, controllable motors provide stable power support for automotive control systems.

For the electronic throttle control system, we recommend using this DC motor (RS-557SHC2J2-5219RB), because it has the characteristics of low noise, high Torque, high performance, and long life. Of course, we can also according to the performance requirements of customers to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the motor and customize it.


Motor Technical Parameters:

Rated Voltage12V DC
No Load Speed9150rpm 
No Load Current0.8A  
Load Speed7300rpm
Load Current10 A 
Load Torque890g·cm
Stall Current35.8A
Direction of rotationCCW

Motor Features:

  •  The electrical performance of motors such as Voltage, Speed, etc. can be customized after evaluation
  •  Low noise
  • Stable performance  

With over 20-year experience in motor drive solutions, we can quickly customize motor programs to meet customer requirements and provide customized services such as drawings, material selection, and proofing according to customer needs.  For more information on the ETC motor solution, please contact our sales engineer.

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