Fascia Gun Brushless Motor Solution

Project Background

The lactic acid produced after exercise will make people feel muscle soreness. How to quickly dissipate this lactic acid? Many methods such as foam roller relaxation, bandage ice, massage, etc. are more effective, but they take a little longer. Last year, an “artifact” high-frequency deep fascia physiotherapy instrument that can quickly relax the fascia and relieve soreness began to appear, commonly known as the “fascia gun”.

Since this device appeared in NBA stadiums, YouTube, and variety shows, it has become popular in the fitness circle. With the promotion of social platforms, the content and search volume of fascia guns has begun to grow rapidly. The public market has entered the public’s field of vision, and there is a trend of transforming into popular products.

The Internal Structure of the Fascia Gun

Before we use the fascia gun, let’s take a look at its internal structure. No matter what type of fascia gun, the basic component is composed of the following parts:

1, The gun head contains: a metal sleeve: used to link the internal power and the massage head; the flange: is a metal sleeve friction part (generally POM material is used, which can be lubricated to prevent the metal sleeve from wearing and increase the gap and increasing the noise), shockproof silica gel (buffer the impact of metal sleeve)

2, Transmission rod: The main component of power transmission, which has strict requirements on product quality and is easy to break under long-term high-frequency vibration. Therefore, it is generally made of metal die-casting and CNC finishing. The main reason for finishing is to adapt the bearing and the accuracy of the adaptation. The higher the noise, the lower the noise.

3, Motor bracket: A vital component used to fix the motor. The design of this component must be stable to ensure that the motor is not prone to deviation during high-speed operation.

4, Eccentric wheel: It is an important part of changing the trajectory and distance of the motor. The power conversion interface is generally made of metal. The design of the eccentric wheel requires high precision.

5, Bearings: A vital connection part for power transmission. Bearings, as standard parts, are generally sourced from outside. The difficulty lies in the grasp of matching dimensions.

6, Motor: Located under the motor bracket, it is the engine of the product. The quality of the motor is directly related to the quality of the product. There are generally two types on the market: brush motors and brushless motors; fascia guns use high-power brushless motors because the brushless motor has a long life, is energy-saving, large Torque, and has strong power.

7, Battery: Generally located inside the product handle. The industry generally uses 18650-cell battery packs to drive the motor through series boosting. The motor power is different, and so is the number of batteries used in the series. At the same time, the power brought by the product is also different.


Working Principle of the Fascia Gun

The fascia gun is also called the deep fascia impact instrument. It is a soft tissue rehabilitation tool that uses its internal special high-speed motor to drive the “torch head” to generate high-frequency vibrations to the deep muscles to reduce local tissue tension, Relieve pain, and promote blood circulation. It is suitable for groups such as fitness exercise, sedentary office work, and the elderly.

The brushless motor of the fascia gun has unique characteristics, simple operation, flexibility and compactness, low noise, high Speed, and super Torque. It is widely used in household fields, including grinding, polishing, inlaid, handicrafts, engraving, mold making, hardware, medical, and other fine operations in various industries.


The body has a variety of choices of five three-dimensional elastic massage heads, which can be selected according to the needs of different parts, and the built-in timing automatic timer can set each massage time to 15 minutes. The clockwise rotation acceleration ‘+’ vibration frequency is 6500 times per minute, and the counterclockwise rotation deceleration ‘-‘ low vibration frequency is 1000 times per minute, adjusted according to actual needs.

How Kinmore Motor Suppliers Make Improvement

The core component of this device is the DC motor. As a motor supplier in the power tool motor industry, Kinmore Motor, with its industry-leading technology and quality advantages, grandly launches motor solutions for this portable device. This motor is Model KM-5520-4040 whose space utilization rate is as high as 90%. This DC motor has ultra-high speed and ultra-high load resistance. Its small size runs smoothly, ensuring maximum drive in a smaller volume force.


Features of Fascia Gun Brushless DC Motor : 

  1. The motor has a super high Speed.
  2. Small size and stable operation.
  3. Long service life.
  4. Higher Operating efficiency.
  5. Electrical performance, such as Voltage and Speed, can be customized after evaluation.

With over 20 years of experience in motor drive solutions, we can quickly customize motor programs to meet customer requirements and provide customized services such as drawings, material selection, and proofing according to customer needs.  For more information on the fascia gun brushless motor solution, please contact our sales engineer.

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