Lock the home, drawer lock actuator motor drive solution

The drawer lock actuator is one of the accessories used for household drawers. It is mainly used to add a door lock to the drawers at home to create a more secure living experience. We launched an FF-K20VA motor with low noise and high performance, and handed over a best drawer lock actuator motor drive solution.

The drawer lock actuator is one of the accessories used for household drawers. It is mainly used to add a door lock to the drawers at home to prevent children from turning over randomly, touching and eating harmful items by mistake, and causing dangerous situations. It can also protect to a certain extent. The privacy of family members creates a more secure living experience. We launched an FF-K20VA motor with low noise and high performance and handed over the best drawer lock actuator motor drive solution.

Our drawer locks can be installed at the same time as the drawers, or they can be added by themselves after changes in later life. The drawer lock can not only flexibly improve the safety of life, but also can be placed anywhere in the home. It is a versatile product. Our FF-K20VA motor can be intelligently connected to the network system, and the motor-driven device can realize a lock through the mobile phone. key to unlock.

Our drawer locks are not only suitable for household drawers but also can be used in storage rooms, storage boxes, gyms, swimming pools, etc., adding security to various scenes. It can be set up by itself before use. It is more dexterous, maneuverable, easy to operate, and convenient to install. When installing, it can be installed without drilling and other devices.
Our FF-K20VA motor has low noise and does not limit the usage scenarios. Whether it is a bathroom or a bedroom, the noise of less than 55 decibels allows it to integrate into people’s lives.

The drawer lock actuator we designed can support a variety of unlocking methods. It can be unlocked through an intelligent network or an ID card, and there is no limit to its use.

Our motors utilize the following technologies to better fit drawer lock actuators.

  • The motor adopts an F-class winding wire, coated rotor, rubber core commutator, built-in piezoresistor, and low-temperature rise.
  • The noise of this motor is ≤55dB and the motor meets the low noise requirements
  • The motor uses a stainless-steel shaft with high stability.

Drawer lock actuators are not only widely used in homes but also office environments. In our motor drive technology solution for drawer locks, we consider the daily use process and possible situations, design carefully, and serve wholeheartedly.

For more information about Washing Machine Lid Lock Motor FF-140, please contact our sales engineer.

More about Kinmore

According to market demand, Kinmore Motor customizes, develops, and produces a variety of motors that can be widely used in the field of smart home.

Kinmore’s model FF-K20VA motor can be used not only in drawer locks, but also in DVD&CD, personal care, adult products, and beauty machines. All categories can be optimized and customized in terms of motor structure and performance to provide the best power solution.

The main product categories of Kinmore Motor are divided into DC motors, geared motors, and brushless motors. After 20 years of intensive cultivation, it provides all-round services for customized motors. In the field of motors for 20 years, it has three factories and customers from more than 50 countries all over the world. We are determined to build an international motor brand and provide all-round services for customized motors.
For more information on drawer lock motor solutions, please contact our sales engineers.

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