Gear Motor Solution for Hub Lock

What is the IoT Smart Hub Lock?

As a proprietary car locking system jointly developed by Kinmore Motor and Lofandi Tech, the IoT intelligent hub lock combines unique structural design with excellent control procedures. The system can provide a safe and effective remote locking service for short-distance vehicles. With the cooperation of other systems or applications, it can also provide other multiple functions, such as Speed measurement, security alert, GPS positioning, and so on.

The Advantages of Smart Hub Locks for the Internet of Things

The existing traditional car lock and anti-theft devices on the market are the purely mechanical external structure, which is easy to be damaged and disassembled by the outside. An electric vehicle not only can be stolen directly by cutting off the battery line but also needs a password or metal key to open/close the lock, resulting in a high failure rate, short service life, and high maintenance cost. In the era of IoT, to solve these pain points, IoT smart hub lock emerges as the times require. Smart hub lock adopts a new built-in wheel axle integration design, which integrates the lock body with the motor, making it more reliable and anti-destructive.

After the hub lock is adopted, the lock cylinder part is not exposed directly, and the lock device will not be caught in the wind and rain, and it is not easy to damage, thus improving the understanding of the lock Speed and experience. Besides, even if you forget to lock the car after the end of the ride, you can also lock the vehicle remotely by contacting customer service. It is worth mentioning that vehicle safety has also been improved.

If someone breaks the hub lock, the hub is also damaged synchronously, and the vehicle cannot continue to ride. We take “walking through the cloud” as our new car design concept and improve the parts that are in direct contact with users, such as pedals, seat cushions, and handlebars, to make cycling more comfortable. At the same time, this improvement has strengthened the modular design, integration of the handlebars and other parts, the power system is wrapped by the chain shell, independent from other modules, more friendly to women.

Intelligent hub locks for the Internet of Things are not only suitable for personal motorcycles, electric bikes, electric scooters, pedal bikes, and Shared bikes, but also spoke wheel, one wheel, drum wheel, disc brake, front and rear wheel, and other wheel types and specifications; And it is not limited to the field of two-wheeled vehicles, but can be used in other applications requiring intelligent hub locks.



The principle and development prospect of an intelligent hub-lock motor

The wheel hub motor assembly and control system of the electric vehicle belongs to the vehicle parts and are the vital core parts of the electric vehicle parts. According to the position sensor signals, the hub-lock motor controls the sequence and time of the stator windings generating a rotating magnetic field and driving the rotor to rotate.

Hub motor drive system is mainly divided into two structural types according to the rotor type of motor: inner rotor type and outer rotor type. The external rotor adopts a low-Speed external rotor motor whose highest Speed reaches 1000-1500r/min, without a reduction device; The internal rotor adopts a high-Speed internal rotor motor, equipped with a fixed transmission ratio reducer. To obtain a higher power density, the motor Speed can be up to 10000r/min. With the advent of more compact planetary gear reducers, inner-rotor hub motors are more competitive in power density than low-Speed outer-rotor ones.

With the development and upgrading of driving technology for new energy vehicles, hub motor technology has gradually entered people’s vision. Hub motor technology is regarded as the best driving solution for new energy vehicles in the future. In recent years, the path of development of new energy vehicles has been Speeding up, and the hub motor technology should seize the opportunity to show its strength. In China, the wheel hub motor technology will have a broad prospect in the future of new energy vehicles.

The hub motor drive system is the advanced driving mode of battery electric vehicles in the future. Nowadays, Kinmore Motor is closely keeping path with the development of industrial science and technology, seizing every opportunity to prosper. We are also committed to walking in the forefront of advanced drive technology of wheel hub lock motor, focusing on the research and development of high-quality hub motor (KM-12FN20-298-0645) and providing the best driving solution for the smart hub lock of the Internet of Things.

Features of the Gear Motor :

  • Super long motor life.
  • Advanced gear motor with small size and stable operation.
  • Higher Operating efficiency.
  • Customized electrical properties such as Voltage and Speed after evaluation.
  • Simple transmission structure.
  • Flexible drive mode.

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