Excellent Motor Solutions for Intelligent Water-saving Valves

About Intelligent Water-saving Valve

The so-called intelligent water-saving valve is like an artificial robot, which can prevent water leakage without manual operation. The smart anti-leak valve adopts two technical concepts of timing and quantification to protect against microleakage, large leakage, and explosion leakage. If there is a water leakage somewhere in the house, it can almost be within the shortest time of the occurrence of water leakage. Automatically close the valve to avoid losses caused by water leakage accidents, or minimize water leakage losses.

In recent years, the category of smart home integration has become more and more shining, and smart water-saving valves are such a category. Water leakage prevention is a detail that cannot be ignored in home improvement, and it is also a part that is more prone to problems. Many people have experienced water pipe leaks or toilet leaks at home, causing damage to floors, walls, furniture, etc.

Imagine that if the waterproofing works in the house are not done well. If the water pipe bursts and emergency drainage is not done, then the neighbors downstairs will have to solve the area of wall seepage. It is not only time but the money that is lost. Relying on the industry’s advanced technology and quality advantages, Kinmore Motor grandly launched a motor solution suitable for intelligent water-saving valves.

How do Kinmore Motor Provide Suitable Motors for Smart Water-saving Valves?

Kinmore Motor provides professional and reliable micromotors for intelligent water-saving valves. The new series of gear motors that we provide is one of the conventional Models used in the valve system. The electric control valve in the water leakage protector is inStalled on the water inlet pipeline. The electric control valve in the intelligent anti-leak valve is connected to the electric control valve of the water valve through a reduction gear and is inStalled on the water inlet pipeline utilizing an external wire connection.

The electronic module controls the motor to drive the water valve through the reduction gear and closes or opens the water valve by controlling the forward and reverse rotation of the electric motor. The housing of the leak-proof valve is equipped with a transparent window, which displays the on-off status of the electric control valve. The switch of the electronic-controlled valve can be controlled at any time; as long as there is water leakage, the household anti-leak valve will automatically close the water valve for protection, thereby quickly closing the water source and solving the water leakage protection problem from the source.

we adopt the customized technical parameters of the motor (KM-26M300-516-SD)for the water-saving valves to provide customers with customizable services.

Motor Technical Parameters:

Features of Water-saving Valve Motor :

  1. Sealed with worm gear. 
  2. The maximum load, Torque is 
  3. Compact size and noiseless design.
  4. Customized electrical properties such as Voltage and Speed after evaluation.

The concept of safe water for households must be leak-proof! Kinmore Motor launched a new series of gear motors for this intelligent water-saving valve, which solves the problem of water leakage protection from the source. It has a simple structure, low cost, convenient installation, and achieves safety and leakage prevention.

The emergence of this family water-saving valve will give users a guide of home leak-proof, prevent major water leakage accidents in the family, and create a worry-free home environment. It will become the first choice of barriers for more family waterway safety.

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