Massager motor drive solution

Kinmore Motors provides a motor drive solution for massagers, providing a low-noise, long-lasting, compact and lightweight special motor FF-130 for massagers.

In modern life, cervical and lumbar diseases plague most people who sit at computer desks for a long time. In medical use, the massager plays an essential soothing role. In life, it has also become one of the necessary electrical appliances at home.

Cervical spine massager, leg massager, portable small fascia gun, medical massager, massage chair and other multi-functional massage equipment solve people’s diverse needs for relaxing muscles in various parts. The motor is the core of controlling and operating various massagers.

Kinmore Motors provides a motor drive solution for massagers, providing a low-noise, long-lasting, compact and lightweight special motor FF-130 for massagers.

Motor solution for massager

In the small massager, we have designed a delicate and powerful muscle massage gun, which uses a high-quality metal casing and a super-powerful DC motor. It is suitable for ultra-portable massagers after high-intensity exercise. The small and powerful motor has high penetration. It is comfortable and convenient to use. This muscle massage gun for deep tissue is ultra-compact and easy to hold. Ultra-quiet DC motor, as low as 55db, is perfect for home, office or gym use.

The muscle massage gun is equipped with a high-quality battery that can be charged for a long time. For safety reasons, it is controlled by a motor and can automatically shut down in 10 minutes, making it safer to use. The battery can run at 75mA Max without load, which greatly increases the service life of the battery and makes it more secure to use.

Our motor support provides different speeds for different muscle groups, helping sore muscles massage, relax and shape different muscle parts; also choose from different shapes of massage heads, just one button, you can start to relax your body various parts.

And on the back massager, we use a motor-controlled neck massage chair cushion with a massage pillow that fits the neck perfectly and can be intelligently adjusted vertically, suitable for the whole family.

In the function of neck massage, it is even more necessary to control the noise. We have a dedicated noise room experiment to strictly control the noise level, giving customers a more secure customized experience.

The full-body back massage can be heated, and multiple deep kneading and shiatsu back massages can be moved up and down to relax the entire back. Under the intelligent control of the motor, you can freely choose between a comprehensive back massage or individual massage of each part to achieve precise relaxation.

The heating function is more helpful to relax tense muscles in the entire neck, back, waist and shoulders, which are frequently used in medical scenes. The multi-level intensity addresses various needs during massage.

Our FF-130 motor is durable, compact and suitable for various massage devices and usage scenarios.
The FF-130 motor adopts the following configuration to better adapt to the massage machine

  • Small current, no-load 75mA Max, improve battery life, high product precision, high durability
  • Noise ≤ 55dB, low noise is more conducive to increasing user experience
  • Metal end cap, which has high reliability
  • The weight is only 29g, the length is 33.7mm, small in size and light in weight, suitable for a variety of portable scenarios
  • The motor adopts F-class winding wire, the temperature resistance can reach 155°C, plastic

rotor insulating sheet rotor, the plastic core converter, and the built-in 1PC Disk varistor, the temperature rise is low, and the service life is extended

We also provide customized services and drive solutions for brushless motors on massagers. This motor is not only suitable for massagers, but also suitable for adult products, car headlight regulators, washing machine cover locks, beauty machines, and car side locks.
For more information about massagers and motors, please contact our sales engineers.

More about Kinmore

According to market demand, we customize, develop and produce a variety of motor products that can be widely used in many fields to meet customer needs in an all-round way. The main product categories are divided into PMDC motors, BLDC motors, and gear motors. We have complete database and rich experience. After 20 years of intensive cultivation, we have customers from 50+ countries. Three factories are producing at the same time to meet high production standards.

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