Motor drive solution for medical nebulizer

In the medical atomizer, a motor is needed to drive the operation of the machine. Kinmore Motor custom designed a model RS-360 motor for the medical nebulizer to better promote the operation of the machine.

The medical nebulizer is to atomize the test solution, and the medical nebulizer is required to have stable spray, small, uniform and high atomization efficiency.

Medical nebulizers are mainly used to treat various upper and lower respiratory diseases, such as cold, fever, cough, asthma and so on. The medicine liquid is atomized into tiny particles, which enter the respiratory tract and lungs for deposition through inhalation, so as to achieve the purpose of painless, rapid and effective treatment. Nebulization inhalation therapy is an important and effective treatment method in the treatment of respiratory diseases.

In the medical atomizer, a motor is needed to drive the operation of the machine. Kinmore Motor custom designed a model RS-360 motor for the medical nebulizer to better promote the operation of the machine.

Motor drive for medical nebulizers

Medical nebulizers are designed to fully and completely inhale respiratory medications prescribed by a physician. The device is designed to convert saline and medications of varying viscosities into an aerosol for better absorption and deep penetration into the lungs.

We have adopted advanced breathing technology in the design, and the motor-driven equipment converts the drug into aerosol. At the same time, it can also control the flow rate and adjust the atomization level. The user can adjust the airflow with one button through the regulator, which is convenient to use. The device is compatible with saline and drugs of different viscosity levels with high compatibility.

When designing, our purpose is to make the equipment as simple and easy to use as possible, saving time for using and learning, and making it safer and more convenient for medical use. The operation is simple, and the equipment that can be easily used by the elderly and children makes the use not limited to the use scene.

Medications can be easily inhaled and help treat respiratory conditions. Nebulizers are easier to use than regular inhalers, you just put the mouthpiece in your mouth and inhale the medicine. To ensure that the medicine is atomized into fine particles faster, the motor can control the size of the particles, so that they can reach the respiratory tract more effectively and achieve different treatment goals. The built-in fan blades can dissipate heat quickly, which can meet the high-load work of the machine.

When designing, we said goodbye to bulky and noisy atomizers, featuring an ergonomic handle for easy handling. Medical nebulizers can be used in various scenarios. Reducing the noise as much as possible can greatly increase the user experience. The sound produced by our device is less than 55 decibels, so it can be used in sleep with peace of mind.

Our motor RS-360 products have the following features, suitable for medical nebulizers

  • The motor uses carbon steel shaft, oil-impregnated bearing, EMC compatible, with a life span of 1500+ hours and high stability
  • The motor adopts F-class winding wire, the temperature resistance can reach 155°C, plastic rotor insulating sheet rotor, the plastic core converter, and the built-in 1PC Disk varistor, the temperature rise is low, and the service life is extended
  • Built-in fan blades, the heat dissipation effect is remarkable
  • The metal end cap is used, and the motor has high reliability

According to the needs of each customer, we will customize medical nebulizer solutions according to different needs. Our motor can also be used in coffee grinders, foot tubs, electric hair clippers, and automatic paper towel dispensers. All categories and products can be optimized and customized in terms of motor structure and performance, providing the best power solutions for various application fields.

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