Maximizing Efficiency: Best Motor Solution in Your Fertilizer Blender

The motor is driven to rotate the mixing drum and stir the fertilizer to provide the power for the paddles. Kinmore Motor has launched a high-torque, durable KM-20A motor to ensure that the fertilizer blender runs at its best performance.

A fertilizer blender is a farm machine that mixes different types of fertilizers to create custom fertilizers. It can be used to mix dry granular materials or liquid fertilizer mixers. A reliable fertilizer blender is essential to produce high-quality fertilizers that meet a variety of agricultural needs. As technology and design continue to advance, farm mixers will continue to play an important role in the future of modern farming.

The basic design of a fertilizer blender is a large mixing drum, paddles, and motor. The motor is driven to rotate the mixing drum and stir the fertilizer to provide the power for the paddles. Kinmore Motor has launched a high-torque, durable KM-20A motor to ensure that the fertilizer blender runs at its best performance.

The motor is mounted inside the mixing bowl, and the motor in the fertilizer mixer is responsible for providing the necessary torque to rotate the mixing bowl and move the blades or paddles inside. Control the speed of the mixing process, adjust the mixture, and control the nutrients and consistency of the fertilizer.

The KM-20A motor has high power output, which supports the long-term work of large-capacity agricultural mixers. Through the mechanical rocker, the speed of the mixing process can be controlled, and the mixing can be adjusted to meet different agricultural requirements.

Fertilizer blenders help increase productivity, and by making custom fertilizers, waste can be reduced and overstocking issues can be minimized. Helps simplify production processes and reduce usage costs, leading to higher profits and a more sustainable business model.

A motor failure can cause the mixer to work inefficiently, leading to problems such as clumping, uneven nutrient distribution, and reduced production capacity. A reliable motor is an essential and important part of a farm mixer, and the KM-20A motor can ensure the production of high-quality fertilizer.

The performance of our motor KM-20A is as follows

  • Output torque: 1.5kg·cm – 3.0kg·cm, large torque, complete high-intensity work, and can meet large-capacity fertilizer mixing work
  • Motor diameter: 20 mm Motor length: 25.0 mm Working voltage: 6V-12V, 12V-24V
  • Metal end cover, zinc die-casting gearbox, bronze-based bearings, high temperature resistance, durable, to meet the needs of agricultural work

According to the needs of each customer, we will customize agricultural mixer motor solutions with different capacities. Our motor can also be applied to smart door locks, drones, valves, and robotic arms. Provide the best power solution for each application field. If you have more questions, please contact us.

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