Kinmore Motor Floor Scrubber Motor Technical Solution

The scrubber motors provided by Kinmore Motors are mainly planetary geared motors of different sizes, and the structure and performance of the motors are optimized and adjusted so that the motors can achieve higher efficiency.

The scrubber motors provided by Kinmore Motors are mainly planetary geared motors of different sizes, and the structure and performance of the motors are optimized and adjusted so that the motors can achieve higher efficiency. The driving force and working efficiency of the washing machine motor are important indicators to measure the working efficiency of a washing machine. Today we will see how our products can improve the working efficiency of the washing machine motor in this regard.

Solution for Floor washing machine

The main core that affects the quality of the washing machine is the internal water suction device, and the main component of the water suction device is the water suction motor. The working principle of the motor of the washing machine is briefly summarized as follows: After starting the main body of the washing machine, the internal sewage tank is turned into a vacuum state through the operation of the built-in vacuum motor, and the sewage is completely sucked and scraped to make the ground clean and bright without dripping water. Do not stay.

The model of Kinmore motor suitable for the scrubber is KM-42X775, which is a planetary gearbox motor with a diameter of 29.1mm, a rated voltage of 24V DC, and an output torque of 372.5mNm. The large torque motor meets the super strong suction of the scrubber Requirements, high-power design improves the overall operating efficiency, can run continuously for 30 minutes, adopts F-class enameled wire motor surface temperature rise does not exceed 100 degrees, the motor uses double rolling bearings, steel pipe shell, zinc alloy front and rear covers, EMC compatible, life expectancy up to 500+ Hours, high stability performance.

The KM-32X595 planetary gearbox motor of Kinmore Motors can also be used in floor scrubbers. Its shaft can be customized. It adopts 5 series DC motor with built-in fan blades, which has a remarkable heat dissipation effect.

In addition, the motor developed and produced by Kinmore can be optimized and adjusted in terms of structure and performance, and parameters can be customized according to customer needs, so as to bring customers products with better performance and high adaptability, and improve the user experience of the products.

Kinmore Electric provides professional and customizable services

Kinmore Motor has a professional R&D team and a complete set of customized motor development process. Kinmore Motor has 4 motor R&D teams, including more than 70 experienced R&D engineers, including 5 engineers with more than 20 years of industry experience, and 25 engineers with more than 10 years of experience. Motors can be deeply customized according to actual needs, application scenarios, etc., and have a complete set of motor development and customization from demand analysis to feasibility analysis report, motor specification confirmation, verification, production schedule formulation, and final delivery of products to provide complete services process.

Kinmore Motors is committed to the field of household cleaning

In addition to the KM-28X2972 and KM-32X595 motor models, Kinmore has developed a model KM-42X775 motor according to different needs. These three motors can be used in floor scrubbers.

In addition to the water suction motor of the internal water suction device, the motor provided by Kinmore can also be used on the roller brush of the floor scrubber. The powerful roller brush motor can make the cleaning deeper, and it can also be customized for the exhaust pump of the floor scrubber. , to provide a full set of washing machine motor application program.

Kinmore motors have excellent features such as high speed and strong suction, and are widely used in the field of household cleaning. In addition to floor scrubbers, Kinmore has researched on vacuum cleaner motors and developed a variety of industry-leading vacuum cleaner motors. Mainly 5 motors with fans, used in upright vacuum cleaners and horizontal vacuum cleaners; small-sized 3 series vacuum cleaner motor RS-390SH, used in hand-held vacuum cleaners; in order to meet high-speed operation, vacuum cleaners with high requirements for speed and performance The motor has developed a new brushless series motor; launched the RS-396 model motor for sweeping robots.

With over 20-year experience in motor drive solutions, we can quickly customize motor programs to meet customer requirements and provide customized services such as drawings, material selection, and proofing according to customer needs.  For more information on the sweeping robot motor solution, please contact our sales engineer.

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