Create a perfect oven door lock motor drive solution

The oven door lock is an important safety device. Kinmore Motor provides a customized FT-280 motor for the market, aiming to better solve the safety problem of the oven.

The oven door lock is an important safety feature that, once engaged, prevents the oven door from opening. Whether it’s a gas fossil electric oven, this is an important safety feature, especially for families with young children. Some ovens already have a lock on the door, others do not. Kinmore Motor provides the market with a perfectly customized FT-280 motor to solve the safety problem of the oven.

When using an oven for cooking, the oven lock is very important. A running oven is a high-temperature dangerous item in the kitchen. Curious children may be tempted to open the oven door to look inside. Dangerous situations may occur when left unattended. The oven lock can effectively prevent children or adults from opening the oven door when the oven is cooking or self-cleaning, causing burns.

In addition, when using a spray cleaner to clean the oven, after the lock is locked, the chemicals in the cleaner can solidify in the oven for a period of time, which is more convenient for later maintenance.

Many oven locks are built in as a feature, usually located near the oven door handle, the lock is usually a lever that swings from left to right, and the lock is driven from the control panel to the FT-280 motor. Once in place, the lock will not allow the door to be opened until the off function or cooking is complete.

Most self-cleaning ovens have a built-in lock for access during the cleaning cycle. During the cleaning process, the oven is heated to very high temperatures to deal with spilled food residue. The oven lock prevents the door from being opened before the temperature reaches a safe level, and is one of the guarantees of oven safety.

Our FT-280 motor also supports smart oven linkage. The FT-280 motor can control the oven through a network connection, and the temperature and status of the food and the oven can be confirmed at all times, which greatly improves the user experience.

Our FT-280 motor has the following properties, which can perfectly meet the functional requirements of the oven door lock

  • The motor adopts H-class winding wire, coated rotor, bakelite commutator, built-in varistor + PTC, and low temperature rise.
  • The weight of the motor is 40g, small in size and light in weight.
  • The motor noise ≤ 65dB, low noise
  • The motor uses a carbon steel shaft with high stability.

We can customize different motor drive solution for different ovens to better realize the function of the oven door lock.
Our small, high-performance motors are not only suitable for oven locks, but can also be used in central locking, household appliances, auto parts and aroma diffusers, all categories can be optimized and developed in terms of their motor structure and performance. Customized to provide the best power solution for each application field.

For more information about oven lock motor FT-280, please contact our sales engineer.

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