The motor drive scheme of the smart cabinet lock, adding locks for smart life

The smart cabinet is an intelligent storage device that allows users to self-collect and deliver express delivery. It includes multiple storage compartments that can be locked and unlocked independently by motor control. Kinmore Motor launched the KM-20A motor, which provides the best solution for the intelligent cabinet lock motor.

Smart parcel lockers are smart storage devices that can be used by users to pick up and deliver express delivery by themselves. They are often widely installed at the entrances and exits of residential areas and in places that are convenient for citizens to reach in cities. The storage compartment is locked and unlocked and is equipped with a touch screen as an interactive interface, connected to the Internet for identity verification, online payment, and other functions. Kinmore Motor launched the KM-20A motor, which provides the best solution for the intelligent parcel locker motor.

The use of a smart pickup station greatly saves labor costs, and it is also convenient for people to get their express at any time. The courier can safely put the courier in the box during working hours to avoid no one at home. While the delivery man is stranded, it can also ensure the safety of the package to a greater extent. The delivery man can place the package to be delivered in the smart express cabinet, and the recipient can take out the stored express after authenticating his identity in the smart express cabinet, which solves the “last mile” problem of the industry to a certain extent.

During use, the courier can connect to the smart express cabinet through the network, determine the size of the courier, and operate it on the mobile phone port, and the switch controlled by the KM-20A motor will automatically pop up, and the courier can safely put the package in it, waiting for the customer to take it out, and at the same time, there is a real-time network connection to ensure that the recipient can receive the pick-up information, and take out his package with the generated number, mobile phone number or ID card.

The intelligent network-connected express cabinet is highly practical and widely applicable. After consumers get information through their mobile phones, they can pick up the package with one click. The cabinet door is opened by the network connection and intelligently driven KM-20A motor. The use process is fast and convenient.

KM-20A motor adopts F-class enameled wire, coated rotor, rubber core commutator, built-in piezoresistor, low-temperature rise, high performance, and high machine stability.

With the rapid development of the express delivery industry, the popularity of smart cabinets is gradually increasing. I believe that in the future, smart cabinets will also become common equipment in people’s lives. We consider the experience of the courier and the recipient and wholeheartedly create the most suitable and durable motor drive solution.

In addition, we can also customize according to the needs of customers, making products that better meet customer needs, and more suitable service solutions.

About Kinmore Motors

According to market demand, we customize, develop and produce a variety of motor products and drive solutions that can be widely used in many fields.

Kinmore KM-20A motor can not only be used in smart cabinet locks, but also in 3D printers, agricultural seed dressing machines, security locks, and robotic arms. All types can be optimized and customized in terms of motor structure and performance. We are committed to providing the best power solutions for each application field.

Our main product categories are DC motors, geared motors, and brushless motors. We have been in the motor industry for 20 years and provide all-round services for customized motors. In the field of motors for 20 years, it has three factories and customers from more than 50 countries all over the world. We are determined to build an international motor brand and provide all-round services for customized motors.

For more information about smart cabinet lock motor solutions, please contact our sales engineers.

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