Kinmore Motor provides drive solutions for the smart pet feeder

The built-in motor drive circuit of the smart pet feeder controls the operation of the switch, Kinmore has launched a set of motor drive solutions for smart pet feeders to the market, bringing customers better performance and highly adaptable products.

The built-in motor drive circuit of the smart pet feeder controls the operation of the switch. The power source of the smart pet feeder is based on the operation of the built-in motor, and the operation of the electric motor determines the quality of the feeder. Kinmore has launched a set of motor drive solutions for smart pet feeders to the market, bringing customers better performance and highly adaptable products. The designed motor (KM-32F370-206-1226) has the characteristics of large torque, low noise, long service life and better performance, which can be better applied to smart pet feeders.

Kinmore Motors customizes motor solutions for smart pet feeders

The KM-32F370-206-1226 motor developed by Kinmore can be applied to smart pet feeders. The motor is the core and an essential accessory of the pet feeder. DC motors usually require a drive circuit to control their rotation direction and speed. You can choose to use off-the-shelf DC motor drive modules, which usually have simple interfaces and controls for ease of use. Make sure the selected drive circuit is compatible with the DC motor you choose. The motor drive circuit of the intelligent pet feeder is coupled with the main control circuit to control the opening and closing of the food outlet; the WIFI network access circuit is coupled with the main control circuit to transmit the signal of the main control circuit to the Internet; the key circuit is connected with the main control circuit. The main control circuit is coupled, and the amount and time of eating can be adjusted through buttons.

The smart pet feeder adopts a split design, in which the main body of the feeder and the food tray adopt a magnetic design, which can be absorbed only by approaching it, and it is also very stable. The host and the food bowl are fastened together through a magnetic design so that the pet will not be separated from the host due to eating too excitedly during daily use. The smart pet feeder adopts a unique six-compartment food distribution structure, smart soft silicone material stirring grain + food distribution fan blade, when the pet is eating normally, the hidden food outlet prevents the pet from biting, and this outlet The food port is still smart, and it bounces away when encountering obstacles to prevent the pet from being pinched.

The demand for smart pet feeders in the pet market is increasing, and the requirements are also increasing. As the core component of smart pet feeders, the motor is also increasing. Some features of the model KM-32F370 motor:

  • The noise of this motor is ≤45dB, and the motor meets the low noise requirements of smart pet feeders.
  • The motor casing adopts a metal shell structure, and the reliability of the motor is high.
  • The motor adopts grade B armature winding with a temperature resistance of up to 130°C, built-in insulating sheet, built-in varistor, and rubber core commutator, with low temperature rise.
  • Low energy consumption of the motor, which has a power of 1 W.
  • The motor uses a carbon steel shaft, a galvanized steel strip shell, EMC compatible, a lifespan of 500+ hours, and high stability.

In addition, the length of the KM-32F370 motor is 66.5mm, the rated voltage is DC 12V, the rated load torque is, the speed is 20.5 ±12%rpm, and the load current is 0.16A. This motor product can be customized according to customer needs. It is small in size and light in weight. After optimized structural design, the performance is stable, the energy efficiency level has been greatly improved, the working time and operation cycle have been effectively lengthened, and the service life of the whole machine has been improved.

Kinmore Motors is committed to the field of smart home

According to market demand, Kinmore Motor now customizes, develops and produces a variety of motors, which can be widely used in the field of smart home. Kinmore KM-32F370 motor can be used not only in smart pet feeders, but also in 3D printers, smart curtains, water meter valves, household appliances, and commercial equipment. Its motor structure and performance can be optimized and customized for these Provide the best power solution for the application field.

The main product categories of Kinmore Motors are divided into DC motors, DC geared motors, and brushless motors. These three types of motors can be used in the field of home appliances. In addition, Kinmore Motors has more than 20 years of experience in customizing smart home motors and has accumulated a huge motor The prototype database is for customers’ reference. In order to meet the different design requirements of motors in this field, analyze and understand customer needs in depth, study various driving technologies with great concentration, and create more suitable driving solutions for smart pet feeders for users. For more information about smart pet feeder motor solutions, please contact our sales engineers.

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