Motor Solution for High-Speed Blender

About the High-Speed Blender

Nowadays, people have higher and higher nutritional requirements in their lives, and they also prefer foods in the form of juice, paste, and paste to meet their pursuit of health. However, if we rely on a juicer alone, we can only make juice-like beverages, and cannot meet other needs. At this time, a multi-functional food blender can meet our needs for this, allowing us to easily make delicious and nutritious juices, purees, and even dishes.

The high-Speed mixer integrates the functions of a juicer, soymilk, ice cream machine, cooking machine, grinder, and other product functions. It fully achieves the multi-purpose function, which can instantly break the cell wall of food and release plant biochemicals. Because the ultra-high-Speed can quickly break through the cell walls of fruits and vegetables and effectively extract phytochemicals, it has gained the reputation of a broken wall cooking machine. One-button heating can directly release raw ingredients. After whipping, they will be automatically boiled to avoid twice processing destroys nutrition, saving trouble and effort. It is the first choice for modern home health care and health care.

Types of the Blender

There are five kinds of machines with different names, like cooking machines, blenders, wall-breaking machines, juicers, and juice machines, sounding like a huge number. According to the function, there are only two types: mixing type and juicing type. When dealing with fruits, the difference lies in whether the juice and pulp will separate.

The working principle of mixing machines is to use high-Speed rotating blades to cut and break food. Put the fruits and vegetables into the blender, and you will get a mixture of skin + seeds + pulp. The advantage of this is that it retains all the fiber in the food.

Juicing machines are more meticulous in processing, and their purpose is to separate the juice from the fibrous material, so what you get must be a relatively pure juice liquid. Although the old-fashioned juicer also has a visible blade structure, there will always be a strainer or pomace box to achieve the result of the separation of the peel and juice. The new type of juicer uses a built-in stainless steel blade and a high-Speed motor to cut the fruit at an ultra-high-Speed of several thousand revolutions per minute and then filter it into juice.

The Working Principle of the High-performance Blender

The main parts of the multifunctional food mixer are the electric motor, the mixing cup, and the grinding box. The motor is its core component, driving the rotation of tools, such as the mixing blade. The motor can drive the stirring blade to rotate in the forward and reverse directions, and there is a directional clutch between the stirring blade shaft and the stirring cup so that the two form a connection relationship where the stirring blade shaft is rotated forwardly, and the reverse rotation is separated and closed.

When the motor is rotating forward, the stirring blade can crush and stir the food; When the motor is reversed, the mixing blade rotating shaft drives the mixing cup to rotate so that the juice and the residue can be completely separated by centrifugal filtration, reducing the trouble of manually separating the juice and avoiding waste. It can also filter the small residues thoroughly so that the juice has a good taste, especially suitable for the processing of soy milk food.

How does the Blender Motor Work?

Let us understand the entire operation process of the mixer from the beginning. The first is that you activate the blender with the power switch. After the motor is started, it receives power from the power outlet and then rotates the shaft of the coupler connected to the blender motor. That is the same way that most motors work in most tools and appliances.

When your blender is running, the shaft rotates at the Speed you choose, which in turn rotates the blades located in the blender tank. If you remove the blade assembly from the blender jar, you will see some gears that look like they protrude from the base of the motor. That is a coupler. You will notice that it is inStalled in a gear-like component at the bottom of the blade assembly.  

As the blades rotate in the bowl, they create a vortex. If there is liquid in the blender jar, it’s basically like making a whirlwind in a glass. The blade rotates and stirs all the liquid ingredients in the mixing cup. That causes solid materials and ingredients to be sucked into the razor, shredded by it, circulated in the vortex, and finally pulled back to the blade.  

The motor is like the heart of the cooking machine. The quality of the DC motor (RS-755SHF-5218D) largely determines the quality of the cooking machine. The Speed of the DC motor designed by kinmore is also the key to increase the juice yield, reduce product noise, and maintain the stability of the machine.


DC Motor Technical Parameters:

Rated Voltage12.0V DC
No Load Speed12000±10% rpm
No Load Current2.15A  
Load Speed9880±10%rpm  
Load Current12.2A
Stall Current73.35A
Stall Torque3350g·cm
Direction of rotationCCW

Features of the High-Speed Blender Motor :

  1. Customized electrical properties such as Voltage and Speed after evaluation.
  2. The performance of the motor is stable and efficient.
  3. The vibration of the micromotor is stable during operation.
  4. Long service life.
  5. Quiet bearing and low noise.


With over 20-year experience in motor drive solutions, we can quickly customize motor programs to meet customer requirements and provide customized services such as drawings, material selection, and proofing according to customer needs.  For more information on the high-Speed blender motor solution, please contact our sales engineer.

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