High-performance drive solution for washing machine lid lock

The washing machine is a daily necessity with extremely high frequency of use, and the simple washing machine cover has many potential safety hazards. In order to solve this key problem, the FF-140 motor for the locking of the washing machine cover is small, durable and reliable, and it is one of the core parts of the washing machine.

With the improvement of people’s living standards, washing machines have entered thousands of households and become a daily necessity with a high frequency of use. However, many existing washing machine inner covers can be opened in one step, and the operation is too simple, and most washing machines are not high enough, so that most children can easily open the running washing machine, and there are many potential safety hazards. The emergence of the washing machine cover lock is precisely to solve this key problem. Our product FF-140 motor is small, durable, and reliable, and it is customized for its core part.

The electric safety cover lock is set on the inner cover handle of the washing machine, which is controlled by our FF-140 motor. Every time the washing machine runs, it is driven by the FF-140 motor to automatically open the inner cover lock of the washing machine and keep the inner cover closed. Under, will not open and close due to natural external force. Thereby greatly improving the safety and reliability of the inner cover of the washing machine, avoiding safety accidents caused by opening the inner cover by mistake, and allowing users to use it as a daily necessity with peace of mind.

In the design of the door lock, the housing adopts a durable plastic structure. The washer lid lock connects to the washer lid via the FF-140 motor and activates the lid switch when the lid is closed. Our FF-140 motor is linked with the washing machine control panel to instantly control the opening and closing of the washing machine, making the use process more seamless and smoother.

Our FF-140 motor also considers the indoor noise problem. Our motor has an operating noise of ≤55db, weighs only 22g, and has a service life of up to 1500+ hours. Kinmore Motors is committed to creating the most reliable components in washing machines.

We also designed it with easy installation in mind, making installation easier than you might expect. If there is a problem with the old part that needs to be replaced, turn counterclockwise to break the catch and pull back the old part. When installing, turn clockwise until you hear a fixed sound to indicate that it is snapped into place. Even at home, it can be easily done in a few minutes.

Our motor has the following properties, which can perfectly realize the functional requirements of the washing machine lid lock

  • The motor adopts Class B winding wire, the temperature resistance can reach 130°C, the rotor is coated, the commutator with rubber core is used, and the built-in varistor has low-temperature rise.
  • The weight of the motor is 22g, and the length is 25mm, small in size and light in weight.
  • The noise of this motor is ≤55dB, and the motor meets the low noise requirements of the washing machine lid lock.
  • The motor uses carbon steel shaft, oil-impregnated bearing, EMC compatible, with a service life of 1500 hours and high stability.

We can also provide customized driving solutions for various types of washing machine lid locks. A reliable supply chain, complete database, and experienced design team allow us to be your most reliable partner and supplier. Our small, high-performance motors are not only suitable for washing machine lid locks, but also can be used in personal care, doors lock, adult products and auto accessories, all categories can be optimized and customized in their motor structure and performance. Provide the best power solution for each application field.

For more information about Washing Machine Lid Lock Motor FF-140, please contact our sales engineer.

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