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Motor FAQs

There are two kind brushes that we normally use in motor: the metal brush and carbon brush. We choose based on Speed, Current, and lifetime requirements. For quite small motors, we only have metal brushes while for big ones we only have carbon brushes. Compared with metal brushes, the lifetime of carbon brushes are longer since it will reduce the wear on the commutator.

Normally we define the noise level (dB) based on the back ground noise and measure distance. There are two kind noises: mechanical noise and electrical noise. For the former, it’s related to the Speed and motor parts. For the latter, it’s mainly related to the sparks caused by the friction between the brushes and commutator. There is no quiet motor (without any noise) and only difference is the dB value.

For all of our motors, they are customized based on different requirements like lifetime, noise, Voltage, and shaft etc. The price also varies according to annual quantity. So it’s really difficult for us to provide a price list. If you can share your detailed requirements and annual quantity, we’ll see what offer we can provide.

For all of our motors, they are customized based on different requirements. We will offer the quotation soon after you send your specific requests and annual quantity.

Normally, it takes 15-25 days to produce samples; about mass production, it will take 35-40 days for DC motor production and 45-60 days for gear motor production.

For low cost samples with quantity no more than 5pcs, we can provide them for free with freight paid by buyer (if clients can provide their courier account or arrange courier to pick them up from our company, it’ll be okay with us). And for others, we’ll charge sample cost and freight. It’s not our aim to earn money by charging samples. If it matters, we can make a refund once got the initial order.

Sure. But please kindly keep us posted a few days in advance. We need to check our schedule to see if we are available then.

I am afraid not. The lifetime varies a lot for different Models, materials, and Operating conditions like temp., humidity, duty cycle, input power, and how the motor or gear motor is coupled to the load, etc. And the lifetime we normally mentioned is the time when the motor rotates without any stop and the Current, Speed, and Torque change is within +/-30% of the initial value. If you can specify the detailed requirements and working conditions, we’ll make our evaluation to see which one will be suitable to meet your needs.

We don’t have any subsidiary oversea but we will consider that in the future. We are always interested in cooperating with any worldwide company or individual who would be willing to be our local agents to serve our customers more closely and efficiently.

we know, different shapes determine the size of the space, which means that different sizes can achieve performance such as different Torque values. Performance requirement includes working Voltage, rated load, and rated Speed, while the shape requirement includes the maximum size of the installation, out shaft size, and the direction of the terminal.
If the customer has other more detailed requirements, such as Current limit, working environment, service life requirements, EMC requirements, etc., we can also provide a more detailed and accurate evaluation together.

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